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At BETR CBD, we are driven by our vision to elevate everyday adventures by normalizing cannabis infused products with the highest quality ingredients.

BETR CBD was created in 2020 after Amy and Josh sought out a CBD infused protein bar to fit our individual dietary needs with the added benefits of CBD. While searching, we didn’t find a CBD infused protein bar that fit our needs. So, we created one ourselves! 

Amy and Josh met during a residency in Dubai through Syracuse University’s MBA program. They have been friends and business partners ever since! Amy and Josh created the chocolate orange flavor as a homage to their alma mater and tribute to how our business was created – many thanks to Otto-the-Orange for bringing our creative minds together.


In early 2020, I suspected I had food intolerances and sensitivities – so I set out to start an elimination diet. Over several weeks, I identified several foods my body has an intolerance to including canola oil, gluten, and shellfish. After removing these foods, I quickly realized the positive impact these changes made to my everyday life.

amy cofounder betrcbd
Josh cofounder betrcbd


Outdoor activities have always been part of my life while growing up in California. Whether it was camping, hiking, or surfing; I always enjoyed the outdoor lifestyle and continued to seek out my next adventure. My desire for adventure continued into my adult life – during my career in the Marines and travels with my family and friends.

Josh cofounder betrcbd

Together, we created a bar that is easy on the gut, with plant-based protein and whole grains, making it the ultimate fuel for adventurers everywhere. And of course 20 MG of CBD in every bar!

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